Where to get a loan for a communal apartment in Ukraine

Several years ago, the notion of a utility loan was not popular because of the availability of monthly payments to all segments of the population. The socio-economic situation, compounded by the crisis , has led unprotected populations to borrow money to pay utility bills.

This is especially evident in the winter, when heating bills are added to general payments. Even for apartments and houses of small area, this amount is at least 1000-3000 dollars per month, which for many is a monthly budget.

According to sociological surveys, about 5% of the solvent population have resorted to micro-credit earlier or are ready to issue a loan for repayment of public utilities at the moment.

What is a utility loan and why it is relevant to take in the absence of funds

What is a utility loan and why it is relevant to take in the absence of funds

Money for the unprotected sections of the population is also required to pay bills for gas heating, electricity, hot and cold water. Such a need often arises from those who live in apartments with a large area and are connected to centralized heating.

 Today there is a new opportunity to quickly repay the debt for the utility. You can apply for a loan at a loyal interest rate. The microcredit service will be especially convenient for those who need to borrow the sum from 300 to 10 thousand dollars.

In this case, the client does not need to visit the office – you can apply for a loan directly on the company’s website, and the procedure itself will take no more than 20 minutes.

Microcredit service can:

  • pensioners (according to the Ministry of Finance, the average pension is 1500 dollars, which may be twice below the utility bill without subsidies);
  • young families and mothers in a decree where the financial situation forces most of the family budget to spend on the child;
  • citizens without formal employment;
  • at unstable wages or at a small size (for example, when working part-time).

The retirees and mothers in the decree are the most vulnerable categories of the population, who are completely dependent on government payments and benefits. Loans to the unemployed are not given by most banks, so it is important to contact commercial companies, to pay off utility payments.

Retirees can look forward to more loyal demands from the bank, but government and commercial financial institutions request a large list of references and official documents for the contract.

If on time not to pay off the debt on the utility, penalties are possible. With a long default period, homeowners run the risk of being disconnected from key communications. To eliminate this and not sacrifice the basic needs of the family, you can make an instant loan for up to one calendar month.

Differences of the utility loan from consumer credit

Differences of the utility loan from consumer credit

There are several major differences between loans to repay utilities and other bank loans:

  • short terms (it is assumed that the return will be made within 30 days and the required time is indicated at the stage of registration);
  • small sums – from 300 to 3000 or 10000 dollars at re-circulation (it is enough to pay off the credit on one or several monthly payments);
  • a small percentage for the use of borrowed funds (the average rate is estimated at 1.2% per day).

Banks can lend for small amounts, but in practice, these types of lending in banking structures are very rare.

To facilitate the process of obtaining the right amount of money will help the company, where you can borrow a utility from 300 USD to 10,000 USD in just 20-30 minutes. Lender is ready to offer favorable and transparent conditions for obtaining a loan taken to repay utility bills.

Retirement loans are issued on a general basis without age restrictions. However, companies do not set strict rules on the spending of loans taken. For example, if a retiree uses some of their money to buy food, it will not affect the final amount of the refund and interest rates.

This is precisely the main difference between a utility loan and a bank loan for a targeted spending. Some state-owned banks today are ready to offer a special program for those who are unable to repay their rent payments on time.

However, the proposal is relevant only if the bank has signed a cooperation agreement with a state utility. You can use the preferential loan program from banks, subject to a number of conditions and after providing a complete package of documentation.

Many find a more rational solution – to make a loan to pay for utilities on favorable terms . To do this, you do not need to collect numerous reports and maintain long queues in government structures. It takes no more than 20 minutes to approve the application, after which the funds will be credited to your bank card.

Reasons for refusal to lend to banks

Often, consumers have problems with the bank refusing to issue funds because of the borrower’s failure to meet the loan requirements. Refusals to lend to a utility can be justified by the following:

  • lack of official income;
  • a large delay in payment of bills;
  • small amount or loan term;
  • the submitted documents do not meet the standards of the bank

Advantages of a loan

Advantages of a loan

Lender Company provides microcredit services for up to 30 calendar days to all social strata of the population. You can make an online loan to pay for communal services in the company on transparent terms, which are known in advance.

The minimum loan amount in Lender is 300 dollar. Interest is accrued once a day, and the final payment amount can be found at the stage of filling in the questionnaire.

List of benefits ‘s online loan service :

  1. You can apply for a loan on the company’s website from any computer, tablet or smartphone.
  2. Absence of strict requirements (no income statement or other documents confirming the social status of the borrower).
  3. Rapid approval of the application (within 20-30 minutes).
  4. The possibility of obtaining a loan for the utility on a card of any bank .
  5. Refunds can be made online, with a simple money transfer from the card (no need to visit a physical office for redemption).

The company offers a loyalty program in which regular customers receive bonuses in the form of an increase in lending amounts, prolongation of the contract, and a reduction in the time of consideration of applications.

You no longer need to look for ways to earn extra money, blush in front of friends, borrowing money, beating the banks’ doorsteps in the hope of getting a loan. Now it is enough to create a personal cabinet and to choose suitable credit conditions. This is an ideal alternative to the banking system, which specializes in consumer loans with minimum interest rates. A small amount to pay – what could be easier and more reliable?

Conditions for obtaining a loan

Any citizen between the ages of 18 and 75 can get a loan. Lending is done without restrictions on social status or sources of income.

The minimum amount of microcredit – 300 USD, the maximum – 10000 USD. The amount depends on whether the borrower is a regular customer of the company and its financial discipline: how regularly payments are made for the use of credit facilities, or whether there are no arrears on payments. The terms of crediting and repayment of the loan are from 5 to 30 days.

You can use your personal account and make calculations at any convenient time and from any device connected to the Internet.

To apply for a short-term loan for a utility on our site, you need to fill in personal details in the questionnaire on the official website of the Lender service. The user is identified through the mobile phone number. Before doing so, we recommend that you review the terms of your return. If you have any questions, please contact our managers.